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Day 2 - Tropentag 2023

Fostering Sustainable Development Through Research Collaboration: BMBF/DLR Session

Through a series of engaging presentations and a thought-provoking panel discussion, researchers from various institutions showcase results of collaborative projects centered around sustainable development. These initiatives are supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Project Management Agency (DLR-PT), in line with BMBF’s mission to foster stronger ties with non-EU Eastern European, South Caucasus, and Central Asian nations.

Day 1 - Tropentag 2023, Keynotes, Tropentag2023

Battling global 3Cs (Climate Change, COVID-19, Conflict) through food systems shift

The “aftershock” from recent crises have rippled across the globe, with tangible effects seen not just in soaring food prices and protests spanning Africa, Latin America, and Europe, but also in exacerbating trends of forced displacement and escalating food crises worldwide. At the helm of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Johan Swinnen draws attention to the critical strategies needed to transform our existing food systems, to make them more resilient and sustainable.

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