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In the Engine room: from Posters to the workshops!

Just like the last time, this place maintains the glory of dignifying its services with the same enthusiasm and valor. DITSL, the German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture, and Transdisciplinary and Social-ecological Landuse Research works as a rootplace for the tropentag conference since many years. The technical staff seems more confident in this year’s conference having lessons learned from the last tropentag conference 2020. Although as it goes to the saying “the technology can surprise you any time”, with some minor sound and display issues, it worked out til the end.

Dr. Eric Tielkes who is working since last 15 years in the conference management at Witzenhausen, this time with his team including two student assistants Melissa Gurny and Klara Breitschneider from university of Göttingen handling technical, managerial and organizational activities here in the Engine room.

When it comes to the thematic & Poster presentations, He with his technical support chief Niklas schafhaupt worked their fingers to the bone to run them parallelly without disruption. Thumbs up for all their efforts in these pandemic times to make this event a virtual success.

(Thanks again to all of them for the beautiful photos)