Day 2 - Tropentag2020, Poster, Tropentag2020

Loads of Posters

They always were a highlight for me – the poster sessions at Tropentag! Standing instead of sitting around. One could wander around, listen a little here (and find that I didn’t understand a single word – what is he /she talking about?! 😉). And let yourself be spellbound by a fantastically made poster. I confess that I am more of a concept freak than a design freak. Sure, very elaborately made posters are eye-catchers. But I love especially those that guide me intuitively through the content. Where a complete story is told (the classic: baseline – activities – results). Text deserts, however, are not my best friends. Just like with Powerpoint, I think: well, I would have preferred to read this text comfortably while sitting with a cup of tea.

Whatever – how is that supposed to work virtually?! Well – there is a solution for everything! We call this “live-on-tape” at the television station – in other words, a pre-recording that is then broadcasted live (and /or can later be viewed on demand in the media library).

Some poster session events this morning …

And so the morning of the second day of the conference started with a lot of input, nicely sorted by topic clusters. It took me a moment to find the right Youtube links, but then…. Clicking instead of cruising is the new wandering around. Have lots of fun with it!

Several youtube streams present the poster presentations.

Ah – just one thing: for those, already attending an offline Tropentag – remember that very heavy book of abstracts, which was handed out to you? How many tons of weight could have been saved, (and – how many trees´ live saved as well, by the way!), and how fast one could find relevant content (Ctrl+F). Splendid!

Can cause serious back pain, but might also be considered as a nice souvenir.