Day 1 - Tropentag2020, Tropentag2020

Live from the engine room

This morning, I had the chance to talk to Christian G. Hülsebusch (Dr. sc. agr.), Managing Director of DITSL* and a board member of ATSAF**, the organisatzion which is running the Tropentag. Going “online only” this year – is it a chance or a challenge?

* the German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture, and Transdisciplinary and Social-ecological Landuse Research

** Council for Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research

4 thoughts on “Live from the engine room

  1. Many thanks to the organizer team that the Tropentag 2020 will happen. We are proud that we can come virtually together. This is a very good situation after this very special period we are actually living. Again thanks for these enormous efforts and congrats to this highly motivated team!

  2. Thank you very much, Andrea – I´ll forward your comment to the team!

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