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And the Hans H. Ruthenberg Award for Graduates 2023 goes to…


Every year “Foundation Fiat Panis” awards graduates who actively contribute to either the improvement of food supply or the reduction of causes of hunger as a part of their graduate research. The call for the Hans H. Ruthenberg Award for Graduates 2023 was opened from October 2022 until the end of April 2023. The award is granted by an independent scientific jury. The award is named after Prof. Dr. Hans-Hartwig Ruthenberg, who was a reputed agricultural researcher and the successor of Prof. Dr. Josef G. Knoll at the University of Hohenheim.

Dr. Andrea Fadani

This year’s Award was presented on September 20th at the Plenary session of the Tropentag conference in Berlin by the “Foundation of Fiat Panis”, chaired by Dr. Andrea Fadani. Three winners were honoured for their contribution and received €2,500 each, for a total of €7,500.

This year’s awarded graduates:

  1. Eleanor Gardner from the University of Bonn was awarded for her research titled “Forest incomes: A means to achieve aspirations and move out of poverty ?” 
  2. Falk Milan Georg Krumbe from the University of Hohenheim was awarded for his research entitled“The economic dependency of Ghana’s cocoa sector on pollination services”.
  3. Louis Philipp Schwarze from the University of Hohenheim was awarded for his research headed “Governance of Pesticides in Zambia”.
(from the left) Louis Philipp Schwarze, Eleanor Gardner and Falk Milan Georg Krumbe

You can be the next prize winner in 2024:

Are you studying at one of the European Universities and your master’s research is dedicated to improving the food situation or counteracting food deficits? Are you eager to be honoured and get a chance to present your research at an international conference, while being conferred an award?  You may be the next one in 2024. The announcement of the terms of application usually opens in October. So stay tuned!!