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Empowering the next generation of food security innovators

“This is the most connected generation of our entire history”, said Bianca Costa, an inspiring Brazilian student I met (from many others!) today at Tropentag. In a fun interview in Portuguese, she explained that this is the reason why Though for Food believes young entrepreneurs will change the world, or rather, the food production world.


As an ambassador of this NGO, Bianca came to Tropentag to tell young innovators that their ideas have value. More precisely, $10,000. Thought for Food awards young entrepreneurs working for food security, not only in Germany but all over the world. Interested? So be prepared: the TFF Challenge opens on October 16th. The best ideas will receive access to digital labs, mentoring programs and network opportunities, besides the final prize: $2500, $5000 and $10,000 to kick off their projects.

Hans H. Ruthenberg - Graduate Award 2019: University of Bonn wins it all!

Two outstanding master theses on the theme of food security were centre stage at the Tropentag 2019 opening ceremony.


Hundreds of people at the #Tropentag2019 stood still to reward academic hard-work, dedication and innovation, as the 21st edition of the Hans H. Ruthenberg - Graduate Award was given out. This prestigious award, instituted in honour of the famous German Agriculturist- Prof. Dr. Hans-Hartwig Ruthenberg, has been awarded to 54 recipients since 1999 for outstanding scholarly work on food security.

The Coco Loco


Hannes Wilms is currently a second-year PhD student at KU Leuven. After completing a master’s in bioscience engineering he decided to continue his studies, working on a coconut invitro culture. Hannes's aim is to conserve coconut species, and propagate strong tree species, to promote future diversity.

Hannes grew up in Ham, Belgium and was always interested in biological sciences. In his spare time (when he has some), Hannes enjoys handball, judo and diving.

As a student reporter in 2019, Hannes is a part of the photography team and will be seen smiling with camera in hand around Tropentag 2019. Hannes looks forward to sharing a positive experience with fellow student reporters and displaying positive photos with a broad audience.

Interveiw about studying PhD

Here three winners of Fiat Panis Award giving their recommendations to who is going to start a PhD study.
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