GIZ – Resilience is about decreasing vulnerability

On Tropentag 2012, the GIZ presents its different approaches to enhance resilience in agricultural systems by depicting some fields of action. The key-factor opposing resilience in rural development is the vulnerability of agricultural systems. The approach to decrease vulnerability acquired by the GIZ comprises economic, political and ecological as well as social aspects. Thus, it is distinct from approaches that focus only on ecological resilience of agricultural systems. Presenting experiences gained in Afghanistan, it was analyzed what development work needs to consider in a fragile state that faces insecurity, lack in welfare and political guidance. Key findings were that firstly main components in livelihood need to be assessed and respective main problems need to be identified. Then, taylor-made approaches that are sensitive to the traditional structures can be applied. Also of importance is the long-term commitment to the development. Finally, the new public knowledge platform is presented. It aims at overarching gaps between different sectors and on the other hand filling the general knowledge gap. The target group of the platform are young professionals and practitioners that can share knowledge on their respective field of experience.

Awarded: Research Contributing to Poverty and Hunger Reduction in Practice

On Tropentag 2012, three young scientists are each awarded 10 000 Euro for their excellent doctoral dissertation directly applicable to the enhancement of food security and poverty reduction. The Joseph G. Knoll European Science Award 2012 is funded by the Fiat Panis Foundation. Tropentag 2012 Infos on the theses With her thesis on “Implementation and Optimization of the Doubled Haploid Technology for Tropical Maize Breeding Programs”, Dr. Vanessa Prigge helped to exploit maize genetics more effectively, by increasing production rates and reducing breeding times. Concerned with the “Operational Poverty Targeting by Proxy Means Tests Models and Policy Simulations for Malawi”, Dr. Nazaire Houssou investigated how to reduce poverty by more effective targeting and avoiding inefficiencies by leaking money to the non- poor. In her thesis, “Determinants and Impacts of Smallholder Collective Action in Kenya”, on the micro level, Dr. Elisabeth Fischer identified under which conditions farmers join smallholder collectives and assessed impacts on the role of women and food security. Selection criteria

Göttigen and Kassel Universities Collaborate to host the Tropentag Conference 2012

Collaborating, Promoting, Discussing and being always relevant is key for the success of our institutions. This is a trait well portrayed by the Universities of Göttigen and Kassel.

The Tropentag conference this year has been organized by the Universities of Göttigen and Kassel that are currently cooperating in green areas of research. This cooperation between the 2 universities started in 2005 with synergies that extend to shared professorships and a joint Masters’ Programme on Sustainable International Agriculture that focuses on 3 key areas of agriculture: international organic agriculture, tropical agriculture and agribusiness and rural development economies. The joint research focuses on agroecological problems and the resilience of food production systems which is the theme of the tropentag this year.

A blast from the Past

“Come lets network in the Tropentag” says Dhusenti Manoharan, a graduate student from University of Hohenheim Dusha Manoharan Attending the Tropentag conference for the 3rd time round this year, this early career scientists in Tropical and Sub tropical agriculture is looking forward to the 3 day conference from 19th to 21st September 2012 in Göttigen. Asked why “ As a student in the agricultural sciences, this is the best place to be as it presents a great opportunity for the young students and scientists to present their scientific findings, have others critic it and network with potential employers” she responds. It is here that she had the opportunity to present her work last year. “Last year we made a presentation on Ethics and Agriculture in one of the sessions on food and nutrition security just to get the views of those in the field and what they thought.” She recalls. “The response was quite good and this led to the introduction of the Ethics and Agriculture module at my University. I participated in the whole process and this was an enriching experience ”

Insider-information on Student Reporters and the Tropentag by our senior student reporter Minette

"Being a student reporter teaches you how to bring across information throughout a lift ride." Senior student reporter Minette Flora Mendoza De Asis from the Philippines talks about her experiences being a student reporter and shares some thoughts about the Tropentag in general. Minette, why would you recommend the Tropentag? Because it's a venue for young scientists to present their research and offers a platform to get in touch with other scientists. It also presents the recent debates and depicts the challenges we currently face in agriculture.


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"I gained a lot from the past Tropentag" Says Reginald Guuroh, a senior student reporter and PhD student from the Vegetation Geography department, University of Bonn, who had an opportunity to take part as a student reporter and a presenter in the Tropentag 2011 and now 2012. tropentag_reporters-8 He says he got a confidence boost when he had to present for the first time in an international conference. "This is a great opportunity for the upcoming scientists in the field of Agriculture, especially Masters and PhD students, to create a network with the senior scientists in their fields of interest " he expressed. He further, recommends that students should not miss the keynote speakers. “This is a must attend session!” he stressed. From the last year interview with one of the Keynote speaker, Reginald learnt a lot from his experiences in the research science field which is a great encouragement for the young scientists. He discloses that this conference offers a great networking platform which could further provide opportunities for PhD positions as well as jobs. Furthermore, he has been invited as a visiting researcher in one of the US Labs by a Professor who was one of the Tropentag 2011 keynote speaker.

Student Reporters: We Are Ready For The Tropentag!

The preparatory workshop for Student Reporters has ended. We now have 12 motivated students waiting to serve YOU all the news, fun and excitement that this year's Tropentag presents.

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Welcome to Tropentag

Young scientists from European affiliated universities from around the world engaged as student reporters at Tropentag 2012 10

The Tropentag Conference jointly organized by the University of Gottigen and Kassel will take place on the 19th to 21st September 2012. The event themed "Resilience of agricultural systems against crises" has had over 1000 registered participants who will convene at University of Gottigen to present their research on agricultural issues dealing with livestock, plants and soils, forestry, socio economics, engineering, modeling and development cooperation. In order to capture all the activities taking place ATSAF e.V. Council for Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research based at the University of Hohenheim ,Stuttgart felt the need to engage student reporters from diverse backgrounds.

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