Anything birds eat, human can eats!

“May be, I would try insects, but caterpillars mmh!” one person was heard in the gathering......................

Did you know that insects and caterpillars are also food for human? My grandmother once told me “anything birds eat, human can eats! “According to Christian Ratompoarison and others findings, there are about 65 edible insects identified in Madagascar. Strange? 3.11

Insects and caterpillars were considered as food for poor households or communities during the famines. Surprisingly, the trend is now changing worldwide. In Tropentag 2019, number of researchers presented their research findings about edible insects and caterpillars in Africa and Asia. Edible insects and caterpillars form sustainable ecosystem between environments and nutrition. Case studies from Madagascar, Myanmar, Kenya and Uganda were presented during the poster sessions in Tropentag 2019.

3.12 Edible insects and caterpillars are promising to overcoming both food and nutrition securities as are rich in important nutrients include protein, vitamins and minerals. However, insects and caterpillars are seasonal and the processing and preservation technologies are underdeveloped. Integrating edible Insect and caterpillars farming as one of agricultural activity would increase awareness and even penetrating the international market.

Edible insects and caterpillars have a potential to overcoming the fear of climate change, hence, provide a sustainable food source especially in food and nutrition insecure rural communities. We need more insights on the edible insects and caterpillars as a solution to food and environment securities.

Taxonomy identification and nutritional profile of the edible insects and caterpillars would open the avenue to the acceptability of these valuable species.


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