Guten (Tropen) Tag!

poater Welcome to the 17th Tropentag, the conference for Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management! This year hosted by the Humboldt University in Berlin, it is brimming with participants from many countries and from all different backgrounds and experiences. What you can expect in the next few days will be live Twitter and Facebook coverage (interact with us!), reports on speakers and sessions both in word, picture, and motion.
But this post is not just about the beginning of the Tropentag, the programme of which you can find here. It is also about us. We, your student reporters, will be wandering around the conference in search of inspiration, interesting contributions, fun facts, and groundbreaking research. We want to capture the themes, the people, and the atmosphere of the conference during these three days. group2

Us when we are not concentrating

We have spent the past two days sweating our brains off thinking how to best deliver scientific content while encouraging dialogue and connections among attendees and non-attendees alike. So if you see us, you are very welcome to greet us. And if we ask for your opinion or just a photo of you, don’t be shy! In the meantime, on the program for today is registration (do so if you have not already), and then the official Tropentag opening with the plenary session featuring the keynote speakers Thomas Pogge, Shenggen Fan and Brave Ndisale. After awarding graduates, the poster sessions begin at 17:00. Presenters blow our minds!
Finally, at 18:30 the social buzz of the conference will unfold with apéro and a movie. See you there! Yours truly, Emmy, Grace, Michela, Nizam, Pacifique, Philip, Pin, Rachel, Regie, Suzanne, Tomi and Virginia


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