GIZ – Resilience is about decreasing vulnerability

On Tropentag 2012, the GIZ presents its different approaches to enhance resilience in agricultural systems by depicting some fields of action. The key-factor opposing resilience in rural development is the vulnerability of agricultural systems. The approach to decrease vulnerability acquired by the GIZ comprises economic, political and ecological as well as social aspects. Thus, it is distinct from approaches that focus only on ecological resilience of agricultural systems. Presenting experiences gained in Afghanistan, it was analyzed what development work needs to consider in a fragile state that faces insecurity, lack in welfare and political guidance. Key findings were that firstly main components in livelihood need to be assessed and respective main problems need to be identified. Then, taylor-made approaches that are sensitive to the traditional structures can be applied. Also of importance is the long-term commitment to the development. Finally, the new public knowledge platform is presented. It aims at overarching gaps between different sectors and on the other hand filling the general knowledge gap. The target group of the platform are young professionals and practitioners that can share knowledge on their respective field of experience.


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