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Goodbye Prague, hello Berlin!

People from across the world, with diverse backgrounds and from different fields, academics and non-academics alike; very inspiring and informative talks, presentations and posters, and fruitful discussions; a great venue and splendid weather. This was Tropentag 2014 in Prague. The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague hosted this year's International Conference on Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development. MANY THANKS to the speakers and presentations, the participants and, of course, the organizers of this brilliant event!
You cannot await next year’s Tropentag Conference either? Then don’t forget to note down next year’s venue: 16-18 Sept 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The conference will be held under the theme “Management of Land Use Systems for Enhanced Food Security – Conflicts, Controversies and Resolution”. See you there!

Pictures from Tropentag 2014

Coffee Break To watch pictures, please go to:

Introducing Student Reporter Helen Sitar

Pictured here, is another blogger from the student reporter team: Helen Sitar from the US. She is holding an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science & Policy (Smith College, USA). At University of Bayreuth (Germany), she is currently doing a masters degree in Global Change Ecology. For her, it’s the first time as a student reporter. By being student reporter, she hopes to increase her knowledge and skills in (web) journalism – especially as she is currently also considering a career in journalism. It is also her first participation at Tropentag. She is very eager to engage as much as possible with the people and the many issues discussed here in the next couple of days (e.g. intercultural conflicts and development). Her main interests are human-environment interactions and specifically, the consequences and implications from man-made ecological changes on the environment and human livelihoods.
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