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Better impact the world !

Rasha studied her Master's of environmental protection at the University of Hohenheim. She is interested in scientific journalism in order to create a positive impact on the world. According to Rasha, our Bangladeshi native student reporter, journalism can create a bridge between the scientific community and policymakers, and it could be the best way to bring the research in easy and simple way to public.


Considering the theme of Tropentag, Rasha believes such a conference could be a great place for communication and networking with the policymakers, politicians and research communities. To create changes, it is important to generate awareness and speak about how to act from the findings from the research for sustainable resource management.

How great it would be to have specialized journalism reports rather than only general talk on climate change?

Research is the solution to, and the result of, many problems. The findings from the research need to be communicated outside of the scientific community to the policymakers, stakeholders and to the public to know how to fight with the climate change and to ensure the food security of the world.

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