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Meet Tropentag's 2019 Cameraman

At Tropentag 2019, I had the chance to meet Sèyi Fridaïus Vanvanhossou, a 25-year-old researcher from Benin. Sèyi is pursuing his Ph.D. in animal breeding and genetics at the university of Gießen, Germany.


Sèyi is so excited to join Tropentag 2019. He believes in the power of communication as an essential tool to reach people. Additionally, He seeks new inspiration in tropical agricultural research, sustainable use of local resources, and hopes he can increase his scientific network.

With his attention to details and passion for photography, Sèyi is adding value to the Tropentag 2019 by sharing the efforts of agricultural sciences to the world. At Tropentag 2019, he will be contributing to the student reporter team through shooting interviews and capturing Tropentag's 2019 insights and best moments.

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