Were there unmet expectations?

While sitting at parallel sessions on natural resource management, I find it really interesting to watch people come and go. I have observed people leave after one presentation and another group of people come in. I can’t help but wonder why? Were there any expectation that the presentations didn’t meet? Were the presenters boring? Tropentag_2014_Day2_afternoonjpg003 (Continue...)

ATSAF e.V. Gives Young Scientists the Opportunity to Establish Long-term Relations in the Field of Agricultural Research

The Council for Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research (ATSAF e.V.) is a network for scientists and experts concerned with development-oriented research in the tropics and subtropics. This year was the 25th ATSAF e.V. member meeting. Tropentag 2012 Besides funding options for students and researchers it offers a platform to interconnect national and European scientists and organizations. Students, Doctors and young scientists can especially benefit from the network already in their early career since it helps to build up long-term relations with other researchers and offers access to research programs, says chairman Prof. Dr. Folkard Asch from the University of Hoheneheim. Since 1997, in cooperation with the participating universities and by the support of sponsors, ATSAF e.V. organizes the Tropentag.

FRESH wind blows in the study programme in Hohenheim

A student initiative called FRESH (acronym for Food Revitalisation & Eco-Gastronomic Society of Hohenheim) have been working for almost two years to suggest, fundraise and conceptualize a new course module on the Ethics of Food & Nutrition Security. Among the other actions of FRESH are a very fertile organic student garden in campus and leading the dialogue for more regional, more seasonal and more ethical food in the University canteen. This is the first module of this nature in Germany, where students not only request, but are also actively involved in its design and facilitation. The course is now in the study programme of the University of Hohenheim and since Monday, September 27, open for registrations.
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