Meg: Cheers, Prost, Vô


Dreams, visions and the will to take action brought Megan from the United States to the University of Helsinki and even further to Bonn, thanks to an a invitation from her Agroecology department. She hopes to contribute this year to the output of the Student Reporter Team through articles, pictures and film. Before coming to Bonn, Meg, how she prefers to be called, spent the last year generating scientific texts. At Tropentag, she is looking forward to reaching the general public by posts and pictures digestible for everyone, not just super scientists.

One advantage she sees in working in an international team like ours, is learning how to say cheers in new languages, meeting people in her discipline, and learning how to best communicate science. Meg's first impression of Germany were the cool and comfortable chairs at the airport in Munich. She had a five hour layover, and enjoyed good German coffee after years of dark tar, known as Finnish coffee. Strong and energetic, she is ready to further develop her journalistic skills. She hopes to enrich her understanding of sustainable food system transformation. And who knows? Maybe she will also have the chance to talk about her personal passions, collecting mushrooms and ice fishing.

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