Lydia, the bridge builder

"Soil science and pollinators. They're my main interests... they're both representative of our declining resources, posing a threat to our very existence. Oh my gosh I'm so dramatic," laughed Lydia from Germany, during a discussion on what she hopes to explore in her future studies.


Lydia is one of the twelve young researchers invited to join the Tropentag 2017 Student Reporter team this year in Bonn, Germany. She arrived in Bonn on Monday by train, with a kebab in hand and a desire to bridge knowledge gaps between scientists and non-scientists in heart. "On Monday I was quite relaxed, but now... well, I'm getting excited, and nervous, and a bit anxious because there are expectations. Which I'm not sure we can meet... but I'm ready to give my best.

Lydia explains that a closed group of scientists work to find solutions to the challenges of our society, and "it would be nice if there is an understanding from the public about the work of scientists."

Follow Lydia's work on the Student Reporter Photography team on our Flickr.

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