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Prof. Bernhard Freyer on Tropentag 2016

We interviewed Prof. Dr. Bernhard Freyer, head of the department of Organic Farming System at BOKU University, and head of the local organizing committee before the beginning of the opening session. He shared with us the role of Tropentag in the North-South exchange of knowledge and the expected discussion in the several organized workshops and the exceptionally large poster presentation.

Interview to Prof. Freyer

Besides Tropentag 2016, “AgroFoods and Human Values: Toward Sustainable Foodscapes & Landscapes” in 2013, “Perspektiven sozialer und ökonomischer Gerechtigkeit Perspektiven sozialer und ökonomischer Gerechtigkeit - Auf den Spuren eines Wegbereiters: 150 Jahre Rudolf Steiner” in 2011, “Building sustainable rural futures. The added value of systems approaches in times of change and uncertainty / Transdisciplinarity as a framework for integrating science and stakeholders perspectives into development processes” in 2010, and “9. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau” in 2007 are only some of the several conferences he arranged and have been the chairperson of during his career.

Preparations finished, registration started successfully!

Today, September 18th, Tropentag 2016 received its first participants. Spring-smelling blooms have been put all around the University. The atmosphere is sparkling already.

The registration staff should better be sleeping tight tonight and be ready for tomorrow: Tropentag's guests will start arriving starting from 8 am!

Start of registration on sunday

Beauty in wait

We can't wait for the big start of Tropentag 2016!

Your Student Reporter Team

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Student reporters 2016

The student reporters wish you a great conference at the BOKU university!
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