Tropentag 2015

The Tropentag of Controversies

A heightened debate marked the opening of the Tropentag conference with scholars, researchers, and development organizations confronting the complexity of addressing food insecurity, climate vulnerabilities, and gender disparities.

Thomas Pogge, a Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, contested the current methods used by organizations, such as the FAO, to measure food insecurity and hunger, thereby informing the international commitments to address world’s hunger and food insecurity.

Thomas Pogge
Pogge argued that, because such organizations are government-funded, methods for measuring and setting targets, maybe politically influenced, and thus interfere with the reality of food security while moving the goal posts of commitments, such as the Millennium Declaration and the MDGs. Another controversy raised by Pogge was with FAO’s definition of food security, which considers energy availability but fails to address the deficiency of other nutrients.



"You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”  Brigham Young



Marufa Fatema (28), her husband Md. Alamgir Akter (36) and their daughter(3) from Bangladesh.

At the Tropentag conference I met a woman with no excuses to come to the conference, despite the fact that she was holding a 3 year-old toddler.


Director Fan was here with us!

"The world is facing a barrage of shocks". Shenggen Fan Director General and applied economist Shenggen Fan of International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) was one of the keynote speakers of this year’s Tropentag 2015. "The world is facing a barrage of shocks". Continue...

Day 1: Check-In, Keynotes, and Coffee Breaks

Recap from today!

Pictures of the day

here are some pictures of the day. enjoy. get your bag Registration4 get some fruit Registration3 get connected Registration1 get started Keynote2

Guten (Tropen) Tag!

poater Welcome to the 17th Tropentag, the conference for Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management! This year hosted by the Humboldt University in Berlin, it is brimming with participants from many countries and from all different backgrounds and experiences. Continue...

Student Reporters 2015

Tropentag is a fantastic opportunity for young researchers to not only present their findings, but also to try their hands at communicating the exciting science gathered here from around the world. This year we have student reporters from Nigeria, Italy, the Philippines, Germany, the United States, Thailand, Kenya, the Netherlands, and Rwanda. Get the latest updates here on the blog, and through our social media channels: Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. 20150914_150629
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