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Outside the Box: Animal Agriculture Beyond the Feedlot

cow_celeb3 You might wonder why, as a long-time vegetarian, I am writing on a topic that so blatantly opposes my own dietary inclinations. Yet, the topic of the keynote address given by Louwrens Hoffman at Tropentag’s closing plenary is exactly why I must. Though many choose vegetarianism in response to animal welfare issues or because they “love” animals too much to eat them, consuming few or no animal products is a growing response to an unsustainable system of meat production. The livestock sector accounts for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to soil erosion and freshwater pollution. At the same time, over a quarter of the Earth’s land surface is not suitable for growing crops, yet could support livestock. (Continue...)

Interview with the manager of Tropentag 2014: Bohdan Lojka

Are you interested in the background of Czech organisation team? See how to maybe organise Tropentag at your own institution!

Welcome to Tropentag 2014!

Welcome to Tropentag 2014
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