Keynote Speeches 2014

Michael Hauser: “we are dealing with a systemic challenge”

“As soon as we have recognized that this is a systemic challenge (the gap between knowledge and action), we need systemic responses”

Patrick van Damme's guest speech and interview: The multiple faces of agroecology

“Agroecology is a science discipline; it is also an agricultural practice and is even a social movement, with believers and non-believers”.
Session: Plant & Soil (1a)

“Produce More with Less” – Jimmy Smith on Transforming Smallholder Livestock Systems

Keynote Speakers “It’s about making livestock systems more sustainable,” Jimmy Smith said about the research undertaken by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). Speaking at the Tropentag conference this year in Prague, Smith stressed that smallholder livestock producers can meet the growing demand of animal products in developing countries. What is required, however, is a system transformation. In order to be sustainable, such a transformation would result increased productivity with limited resources, or in Smith’s words, “producing more with less.” (Continue...) Blog post by Pramila Thapa and Rachel Friedman

From lab to field - speech of Christel Weller-Molongua

Tropntag 2014 Day 1 Plenary speechesChristel Weller-Molongua Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Gmbh, Germany
"No need for rocket efforts to implement the accumulated knowledge”, Christel Weller-Monongua opens the keynote presentation session of Tropentag 2014 with her cogent statement. Christel has worked in the development cooperation field for over 25 years now and she is convinced that there is no need for the research, if the results don't reach the farmers. ( Continue . . . )

Miroslav Zámečník: “I just love nature, and at the same time I’m an economist.”

“When can nature pay for biodiversity conservation? Can local communities prosper by protecting wildlife?“ Miroslav Zámečník addressed these questions during the opening plenary session.
Keynote Speakers
Blog post by Pin Pravalprukskul and Juan José Egas. (Continue...)
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