Tropentag 2014

Introducing Student Reporter Vojtěch Marek!

Vojtěch Originating from the big city of Prague Vojtěch never imagined he would once study “Sustainable rural Development”. After experiencing rural landscape at the edge of Capetown (South Africa) put him into contact with agricultural sciences. With his specific interest to advance villages in the Tropics and Subtropics Vojtech is looking forward to learn more about sustainable technologies like fruit drying and energy supply from biogas and solar panels. He is especially looking forward to host young researchers from the whole world and give them a good experience at his home faculty.

Rachel, Student Reporter 2014–"Translating technical findings for practitioners"

Rachel Friedman, with a first degree in environment science and masters in science communication, has a passion for translating technical findings for development practitioners and the general public. With experience in blogging and social media, she is excited to report on the research presented at the Tropentag conference 2014, Prague.

Student Reporter Vitalii Korol

Vitalii Vitalii Korol from Ukraine is a master student of Sustainable Resources Management in the Technical University of Munich. He participated in Tropentag 2013, and he is back as a senior reporter to share the previous experience with newcomers, and ( . . . )

Introducing Student Reporter Helen Sitar

Pictured here, is another blogger from the student reporter team: Helen Sitar from the US. She is holding an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science & Policy (Smith College, USA). At University of Bayreuth (Germany), she is currently doing a masters degree in Global Change Ecology. For her, it’s the first time as a student reporter. By being student reporter, she hopes to increase her knowledge and skills in (web) journalism – especially as she is currently also considering a career in journalism. It is also her first participation at Tropentag. She is very eager to engage as much as possible with the people and the many issues discussed here in the next couple of days (e.g. intercultural conflicts and development). Her main interests are human-environment interactions and specifically, the consequences and implications from man-made ecological changes on the environment and human livelihoods.

Birgit Zipf, Student Reporter—Let's talk directly, across borders

Birgit When discussing challenges in tropical agriculture, is it actually necessary to talk to researchers from the tropics? Birgit Zipf, second-year student reporter for the Tropentag 2014 conference, certainly believes so! She's tired of attending conferences where German, British, and American presenters are “talking about the ‘others’” from developing regions, instead of inviting and “rather talking with them.” But why is this distinction particularly important to Birgit? (Continue...)

Meet Pramila Thapa

Working with smallholder farmers in Nepal, Pramila Thapa has seen the importance in combining development and research activities. Originally from Nepal, she is finishing her first year of a master’s degree in Sustainable International Agriculture at Gottingen University in Germany. Her first degree was also in Agriculture. Now focusing on agribusiness, she has previous experience in integrated pest management and market access, crafting success stories for her work with a national Nepalese NGO. As a student reporter, she hopes to link scientific outcomes and the dissemination of findings to on-the-ground realities. Through participation in the Tropentag conference, she also hopes to improve her own understanding of the range of research taking place around the world related to tropical and semi-tropical agriculture, in order to bring back lessons for her own country.

Meet Pin, a Thai student reporter and researcher for Tropentag 2014

When it comes to being multidisciplinary and multitasking, one may find in Pin Pravalprukskul a good example. Pin is a MSc. in Sustainable Development in Agriculture (Agris Mundus) student who will be on both sides of the Tropentag 2014 conference. She will present a poster from her work in Kenya, where she investigated how farmers make decisions regarding soil management. But Pin will also be a student reporter for the conference, using her previous experience in the university newspaper in Copenhagen and an online magazine for her masters' programme. One will also find in Pin a passionate human being with diverse interests. Her desire regarding the conference is to find out the latest progresses in agricultural development, climate change adaptation, soil management and the relationship between gender and agricultural development. Pin opinionates that Tropentag is the first conference with a topic that addresses most of her interests, with an interdisciplinary approach that tries to understand how agricultural systems wok and how different fields are linked with each other.

Behind David Nissen as student reporter

Tropentag is an international conference where professors, researchers and students convene to share new information or findings about their research. Student reporters play a big role in informing the public about the conference especially reaching the young people. So what interest David to join the student reporters team? David Continue
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