Student Reporter 2013

DAAD Summer School: Don’t say a word

23 Alumni from 15 countries made their way to the deepest Swabia from 8th to 16th September to learn all about “Rural development beyond agriculture” at the University of Applied Forest Sciences, Rottenburg. Having returned safely, they share their experience on Tropentag - in a photo interview without saying a word. View the picture sequence. DAAD_05_lake copy

Burn, Baby, Burn!

After the screening of a classical transition film, folks from nearby Transition Town Tübingen burn one up and give a good taste of applied transition. Read more

Your City is Sick?

Stuttgart has caught a cold. Not only the inhabitants of a city can be ill, also the city itself might have a bad health. Cities around the world, just like Stuttgart, continue to grow and grow. Now more than half of the world’s population live in urban areas- with immense impacts: Poverty, social exclusion, food insecurity, malnutrition, waste, emissions and vulnerability to climate change are soaring. Our cities are sick. Read more René van Veenhuizen1 René van Veenhuizen's Keynote Speech Read more
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