Keynote Speeches 2013

Rural bias? Reconnect urban and rural land use dynamics

What do we know about agriculture in urban city area and how can we connect urban and rural households and their livelihoods to the land in the modern context of urbanization? Gordon Prain a Senior Scientist for social and Health Sciences at the International Potato Centre presented on the topic of “The Dynamic livelihoods along the rural urban continuum – How can agriculture research and policy contribute?” as a keynote speech in the opening ceremony. Gordon Prain1

Your City is Sick?

Stuttgart has caught a cold. Not only the inhabitants of a city can be ill, also the city itself might have a bad health. Cities around the world, just like Stuttgart, continue to grow and grow. Now more than half of the world’s population live in urban areas- with immense impacts: Poverty, social exclusion, food insecurity, malnutrition, waste, emissions and vulnerability to climate change are soaring. Our cities are sick. Read more René van Veenhuizen1 René van Veenhuizen's Keynote Speech Read more
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