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“Saving food saves resources”— Tanja Pickardt

‘In general, one-third of the food produced is lost’ said Tanja Pickardt during a presentation at Tropentag. According to FAO, loss varies with type of the food produced. For example, the loss in grain is less as compared to fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Pickardt said that it is necessary to quantify the food loss before making policy decisions, but it is very difficult to quantify the actual quantity of food wasted. To illustrate this point, she showed a video by FAO titled "Food Wastage Footprint 2". The environmental and social consequences are more difficult to quantify than economic losses. Also in this video, we can see different ways to reduce food loss and alternative uses of wasted food. Rice grains in bowl. Nigeria. Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank (Continue...)
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If you had the chance to meet Ban Ki Moon, what would you tell him?

Here is a clip of what Dr. Achim Dobermann, the Deputy Director General (Research) of the International Rice Research Institute has to say to the current Secretary General of the United Nations. Find more videos of the interview on youtube
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