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Liz eats bugs


Meet Liz from Nairobi! Liz is from Nairobi, Kenya. She is a PhD student in Agricultural Science at the University of Bonn. She is currently working on “Edible Insects in Kenya” for her research project at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), Kenya. The student reporter call posted on the Tropentag website caught her attention as she was registering to present a poster. She went for it. Even if it meant more work, her acceptance was exciting. This would be a starting point for her path towards a potential career in science communication. Liz flew in from Nairobi expecting to meet people, learn new skills in photography, blogging and editing and, most importantly, have fun. She has interests in entomology, agrobiodiversity and nutritional diversity.

To Feed or not to Feed?

The Tropentag 2011 Thematic Presentations on Animal Production Systems discuss various trade-offs between different animal feeds and feeding practices. The livestock in question ranged from cattle to shrimp and even guinea pigs! _DSC0215 Presentations on Animal Production Systems at Tropentag 2011. Transforming to Integrated Ecosystems The common thread through all the presentations was how to integrate livestock production into the natural environment. Sustainable aquaculture that aims at minimizing impact on the environment can in the long run provide farmers with much better livelihoods. We were presented with some great use of Google map imaging depicting the boundaries of land usage and how livestock production can be integrated without degrading the environments around it. A ratio between environmental land coverage and live stock land usage enforces the ongoing theme of 'doing more with less'.

Tropentag 2011 is back with a bang!!!A warm Welcome to all the participants!!!

One of the established agricultural research conferences is back on tow.

Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker
, University of Bonn started by stating that he was sure topics titled such as “Iron Assimilation pathways are not the blockbusters” for participants to trail back year after year to this conference. He feels this year’s theme “Development on the margin” reflects the present scenario in the world very well with issues like soil degradation, inequality and so on being on the rise with globalisation aggravating the situation. This situation does not make the achievement of MDG’s easy. The worst hit due to these issues are the people living on the margins. It is one of the priority areas of the Federal Ministry of Economic Corporation and Development in Germany and hence Tropentag 2011 was strongly encouraged by the Federal Minister of BMZ, Dirk Niebel.

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