Beyond the Ivory Tower

Simon Chater, Director of Green Ink in an interview about the importance of communication at the Science Forum and beyond. Interview: Read more on 'Sustainability Science beyond the Ivory Tower'

Visual Problem Apraisal - the Voice of the voiceless

Dr. Loes Witteveen from Wageningen University, Netherlands introduced the participants to a methodology that can be used to engage stakeholders highlighting the complex issues in a social dialogue space. Tropentag 2012 The Visual Problem Appraisal (VPA) methodology is a film-based learning environment. This methodology is being tested at the University where currently students find it a safe simulation environment where the the student interact with unfamiliar stakeholders. This is crucial in formulating an understanding of how systems work. The students immersed themselves in the process and it represented a strong simulation of reality and students felt like they were travelling along with the various participants (interviewees).

Currently the team has provided a VPA skill box that includes 25 - 30 filmed stakeholder interviews, 2 documentaries with an introduction and a conclusion, a facilitator’s guide workbook, and powerpoint templates.

FRESH wind blows in the study programme in Hohenheim

A student initiative called FRESH (acronym for Food Revitalisation & Eco-Gastronomic Society of Hohenheim) have been working for almost two years to suggest, fundraise and conceptualize a new course module on the Ethics of Food & Nutrition Security. Among the other actions of FRESH are a very fertile organic student garden in campus and leading the dialogue for more regional, more seasonal and more ethical food in the University canteen. This is the first module of this nature in Germany, where students not only request, but are also actively involved in its design and facilitation. The course is now in the study programme of the University of Hohenheim and since Monday, September 27, open for registrations.

Oral Presentations II: Communication and extension services

OLUYEDE C. AJAYI: What has Path Dependence got to do with Smallholder Farmers' Decision to Adopt Agricultural Technologies? Lessons from Côte d'Ivoire As the farmers' technology choices are not only determined on geographic and soil characteristics, but also on historical interventions and policies, old habits of the farmers can not just be changed by new technologies. It's important to compare standard practices like the pesticide use in the cotton sector of Côte d'Ivoire with new options: not only the potential of new technologies should be faced, but also incentives to change. ATAHARUL HUQ CHOWDHURY: Learning through Moving Pictures: Farmer-to-Farmer Video to Stimulate Farmers' Innovations about Botanical and Alternative Pest Management Practices in Bangladesh Tropentag 2010 - Oral Session II Atarahul Huq Chowdhury, BOKU Vienna (, presents his research on learning through videos in Bangladesh
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