The healthy cooking lover


Diana Santos is a nutritionist from Saposoa (San Martin, Peru) enrolled in the master of Nutrition and Rural Development program at Ghent University. She has worked in projects related to health promotion, food security, food sovereignty, agroecology and nutritional education in the Andean region of Peru. Encouraging farmer families and primary students in rural areas to improve their food intake and consequently the nutritional status of the communities.

Her field of study is “the dietary diversity in food consumption among peasant families that hold a small garden and those do not”, as well as policies regarding family farming and food sovereignty in South America.

She applied to be a student reporter in the Tropentag 2018 due to her deep interest in combining her work experience and the media tools, to make most effective the way to communicate scientific information. She is in charge of blogging and managing the Facebook page of Tropentag 2018.

Fun facts about Diana: She is a Ghibli Studio movies’ big fan and a part-time bartender.






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