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Student Reporters 2018 - Malik Ar Rahiem

Malik comes from Indonesia. He is now studying in a master program with field of study Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering at TU Darmstadt, Germany. He had experience working in a Peat Ecosystem Restoration project at Central Borneo, Indonesia. There grown his concern to peat ecosystem and his desire to involved in a bigger action to that. He applied for Student Reporter at Tropentag 2018 because he wanted to expand his network in this field and develop the ability to communicate science in fun and encouraging way. Which in fact he got it already since the day one of the workshop.

Some funny thing happened when he was in his way from Darmstadt to Ghent. He saw these two people got in the bus from Bonn. Because he was sitting next to them, he could listened to them talking all the time during the trip. Turns out these two person are Jackie and Kobbe, another Student Reporters from Bonn. “I had this small feeling but would it be weird to ask?” said him while laugh. Fun fact about him is that he owns 7 cats in Indonesia.

You can reach him on:

Twitter: @malikarrahiem

Linkedin: Muhammad Malik Ar Rahiem



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