Silly Q&A at the "Social Event at Haus der Geschichte"


The conference was nearly over, and it was time to celebrate. I walked around the room and asked a few silly questions (and some serious), many of which were collected from around the room. Enjoy!

What livestock animal would you be? Why?

A grass-fed milk cow in an agroforestry system in Columbia. –S.S.

A bull in a cattle herd in Switzerland. I could go everywhere in the pastures in the mountains. It would be a Demeter farm so I would hopefully live longer.-Dr. Christoph Reiber, Uni Hohenheim

I would be a rabbit because I am so fertile. –Anonymous

What’s the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?

The teeth…the size in general, the ecosystem… -Baldur Janz, IMK-IFU

One you see in a while, and the other later.- Jessica Lloyd (the creator of the joke), Uni Hohenheim

When you started (MSc. or PhD) what did you think you would be after?

Hmmm, nothing exciting, a professor teaching at the academy. I didn’t expect to be in agriculture. Back then I was only focused on biology. -Dr. Alejandro Pieters, Venezuelan Instititute for Scientific Research

Qui est ce qui est jaunes et qui attend?

confused pause I don’t know…Dr. Sékou Traoré, Uni Hohenheim

”John Attan”-Moktar Kante (the creator of the joke)

What is your agricultural superpower?

Take water out of the air….also alcohol would be nice- Isabella Thiemann, Uni Bonn

I could sleep as long as a carrot or even longer.-Benjamin Warth, Uni Hohenheim

What do you think about beer, and are you thirsty?

I han a rechta Bierdorscht-Moktar Kante, Uni Hohenheim

If you were a developing country, what question would you accept from a developed country?

How do you make the fish?-Philip Schad, Uni Hohenheim

If you were a crop, what would you be, and why?

Maize, cuz I’m amaizing.Jessica Lloyd, Uni Hohenheim

Tea. But Kenyan tea. Did you know the Chinese blend their tea with Kenyan tea!? -Anonymous

Coffee, I feel connected with it. I drink it every day-Pietro Bartolini, Uni Florence

I would be rice because I’m in the water; I’m cool; I’m wet; I’m nice. –Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker, Uni Bonn

Maize, so I could feed many people. -Welcome Zimuto, Czech University

Would you propagate yourself by seed or vegetatively?

I’m a plant breeder. Neither! –Eva Weltzien-Rattunde, UW-Madison

Vegetatively of course. I’m happy with the way I am now. I want the same as I am now, a clone.-Josiah Chiveu, Uni Goettingen


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