Festive opening session at the Audimax

Today at 12:30 pm the Tropentag 2016 has been officially opened in the Audimax by Bernhard Freyer, director of the Division of Organic Farming at BOKU University. Let's recall together, in order of appearance of the speechmakers, what has been said.

Welcome words

Joseph Glössl, Vice Chancellor for Research, welcomed the keynote speakers and introduced BOKU University emphasizing the role of its Centre for Development Research.

Robert Zeiner, head of Programmes and Projects International (ADA), appealed to all countries and stakeholders to act, and in general to support fair and sustainable production and resource management as well as to strengthen vulnerable groups. He stressed the importance of sustainable land use and local land management in assuring food security and avoiding resource related conflicts. Also, he underlined that equal access for smallholder farms is necessary.

Gerardo Patacconi, Officer-in-Charge at BOKU, then stressed the importance of sustainability and fairness in development work which could only be achieved by working together.

Prof. Folkhard Asch, from ATSAF, expressed his thankfulness for finally having the Tropentag in Vienna, and for the continuous support given by the sponsors, who render possible every year to keep the conference affordable, especially for young people. He then introduced this year’s student reporters who had prepared a self-introductory video. You can check it out on our channels.

Finally, Bernhard Freyer closed the Plenary and underlined the conference's role in sensitizing participants for necessary changes and innovations when dealing with issues like climate change and water conflicts. As he stressed, investments are so important when it comes to such environmental issues.

The festive event led over to the first discussion with the key speakers.


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