AT A GLANCE!! - Science Forum 2013

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"Agricultural research and nutrition go hand in hand with regards to food security." This was the opening remark for the Science Forum 2013. With that, key factors in research regarding major crops like maize and rice, and the requirement of genetic research, need to be put in place. The innovative transfers of research findings is very essential especially to the farm levels; through networking and partnership, exchange is promoted among international agricultural centres, institutes and scientists. day1 - ConferenceDinner_03 copy Maggie Gill, ISPC Council Member and Science Forum 2013 Chair Funding bodies allocate funds for agricultural research institution in partner countries, with the role for its member organizations being to support European agricultural research and development to promote knowledge transfers. This would contribute to success of international agriculture research for development. System level-objectives of these funding bodies include reformation which focuses on reducing rural poverty, improving food security in terms of quantity, quality and affordability, improving nutrition and health, and a sustainable management of environment and natural resources. On the other hand, the mandate of the counseling body for the partners is to provide expertise and advice to research bodies with regard to; strategy and trends(foresight), programmes evaluation, mobilization of science and impact assessments. Out of this mandate, was the birth of Biannual Science Forum, with this year being the third. The goal of Science Forum is to bring young and old scientist, stakeholders and donors to the forum discussion with focus of identifying and prioritizing research needs and new science approaches, and facilitating dissemination of scientific findings. Mentorship of Young Carrier Scientists is also one of the main objectives of Science Forum, with this year receiving 64 applicants, but only 12 were selected and a mentor(Gurus in their field) assigned to each one of them. This is expected to continue leading to opportunities to get funding which could foster new partnerships for lab and research visits. This year Science forum has been structured not to be as a conference, but a forum involving active exchange of ideas, with 50% presentation and 50% contribution through discussion. Main expectation from Science Forum 2013 include; Publication of the forum findings, Papers to be commissioned and workshop for review paper next year to review gaps and the implication for the research scientists This forum could be linked to the outcome from the previous nutrition meetings which was; to feed the world based on quantity, quality and to make the food accessible through availability and affordability.


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