Burn, Baby, Burn!

After the screening of a classical transition film, folks from nearby Transition Town Tübingen burn one up and give a good taste of applied transition. Read more Lighting their fancy cooker, they turn residue into sought-after char coal - while cooking without any smoke. This invention from Africa kills 4 birds with one stone, improving health, deacresing fuel wood pressure on ecosystems and reducing emissions. And best of all, it doesn't produce ashes but charcoal, which can be turned into Terra Preta, improving soil fertility and capturing carbon. Rediscovering this 5000 year old multitalent from South Amerika is just what's needed for a sustainable transition, summarized in the film Voices of Transition: "By focusing on immediate profit and ignoring millennia of experience in agronomy, agroindustry is responsible for the unprecedented erosion of soils now occurring around the world. Add climate change and dwindling natural resources to the picture, and it would appear that even societies in the Global North are no longer safe from famines. Voices of Transition is a film which is optimistic but clear-sighted. It makes clear that these current and impending crises are, in fact, positive challenges!. Trailer:


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