Old fashioned or functional?

Since more than 15 years, ATSAF is kindly organizing annually the Tropentag in cooperation with various sponsors and universities. Among other activities, ATSAF supports young students with interest for journalism in science and is building up teams of competencies. ATSAF is a German scientific association for international agricultural and ecosystem focused research and is combining scientists and development experts in the fields of agricultural sciences, ecology, nutrition, forestry, veterinary medicine and fishery. It has its focus on development oriented research for the Tropics and Subtropics as well as transition countries. ATSAF and social media? At this years´ ATSAF members´ assembly, chairman Prof. Dr. Folkard Asch announces that ATSAF records now more than 300 members. Fortunately, many new young members, interested in the work of ATSAF, joined in in the last couple of years. We, social student reporters, are happy to hear that ATSAF is also active on Facebook and shows at the moment about 350 likes (going to be many more after this blog post has been published) and according to Dr. Asch, certain topics are discussed there intensely on a regular base. atsaf1 copy Take your chance and go to an international conference for free Furthermore and what probably many did not know yet, ATSAF is providing support to young scientists by giving scholarships for travels to international conferences. In 2013, six applications came in and all six were granted (6 x 500€). ATSAF would be glad to receive more applications by young scientists. Discussed was also the winner of the ATSAF award 2013, which honors people with a long year engagement in agricultural development, especially showing great enthusiasm to promote young talents in their scientific career. Old fashioned or functional? Some criticism was expressed in regards to the old fashioned appearance of the Tropentag website. The functionalities though are much appreciated and someone added that one should not put too much resource into changing it as it is like the Tropentag event itself: a low input - high output thing. See you again at Tropentag The venues for next Tropentag conferences are 2014 in Prague, 2015 in Berlin and 2016 is still discussed between Wien and Zürich. Good to hear that the Tropentag venue is selected not only regarding reputation, location and facilities of a specific University but particularly selected by special commitment by individual persons at the possible venue. Last but not least To make this great event also possible in the future, become an ATSAF member and please do not forget to pay the fee and additional “Förderbeiträge” (supporting contribution). On behalf of all student reporters, we very much thank ATSAF for its efforts and believe in us as young inexperienced journalists and hope to do the best possible for a well-documented event.


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