Consider climate change in cultivar selection

At the oral sessions on cropping system and environment, Eike Luedeling reports about "potential fruit trees production decline induced by climate change". Tropentag 2012Eike Luedeling Temperate fruit trees need winter chill in order to produce fruits. The climatic requirements during the dormancy season are poorly understood. With raising temperature production is at risk. Adaptation planning is needed in order to maintain the production. Eike Luedeling emphasizes the need for long-term adaptation strategies. He promotes the use of the dynamic model to consider climate change in cultivar selection and to find climate analogues.


Thank you

Dear Stacy Williams, Thank you very much, The dynamic model, Mr. Luedeling talks about was first discussed in: Fishman et al. 1987. Journal of Theoretical Biology 124, 473-483 + 126, 309-321. Regards, Vincent Schmitt

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