Oral presentation IV | Transdisciplinary research

A diverse range of projects from all over the world highlighted the importance of transdisciplinary approaches addressing challenges related to the concept of the World Food System. Melvin Lippe from the Leibnitz University Hanover presented the recent progress in his research he conducts in the Wayanad District in India. To be able to handle the many different forces affecting the land- as well as resource-use decissions seem to present the main challenge to cope with. Another approach was pursuid by Chinwe Ifejika Speranza from the German Development Institute. She investigated the ability of the agriculture in Kenya to cope with climate change. Chinwe Ifejika Speranza outlined the different components of resilience of rural systems that are self-organization, learning capacity and buffer capacity with a special focus on self-organization. It was a pleasure then to follow what Holger Hindorf from the university of Bonn presented his efforts aiming to conserve forest harbouring the last wild coffee trees in Ethiopia. The audience was not only explained the real origin of the words "coffee" and "bean" respectively but also that the robusta cultivars are less tasty than the arabica cultivars. On the other hand c. robusta cultivars are not as robust as c. arabica cultivars with respect to resistance against pathogens. In the last presentation the Bachelor these of Irene Müller conducted in the frame of her study at Swiss Agricultural College (SHL) was presented by her supervisor Dominique Vincent Guenat. In the course of her stay in Kyrgyzstan Irene Müller identified a set of longterm evaluation indicators that enables farmer communities to independently measure their progresss in integrated agricultural production. Thank you for your interest! It was a pleasure to met you all in this great conference =) Thank to everybody for your contribution and good luck!


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