This year´s student reporters present themselves!

View a slideshow of this year´s student reporters covering the Tropentag conference at Vienna! Stay informed following our blog, tweets as well as our photo- and video stream.

Student reporters 2016

The student reporters wish you a great conference at the BOKU university!

Vienna scenery


One More day to Tropentag 2016!

last day check for the biggest agriculture development confrence in the region

Its in University of Vienna, the latest research in related topic will be presented

If you a student, researcher, agriculture practisict, its will be the right time to get informed


Student Reporters -"Countdown to Tropentag 2016"

The annual Tropentag conference is back again this year in Vienna,Austria with the topic "Solidarity in competing world_fair use of natural resources".This international conference has attracted more than 800 researches,policy makers,early career scientists and students in the field of agricultural sciences,rural development and natural resources from different countries all over the world.

Tropentag 2016 - excited platform for young scientist!

This year - 2016- Tropentag will be organized in BOKU university with participants from 74 countries in the world!

StuRep.16 - practice, practice, practice

This is a practice.I expect to build my network and get aquainted with the networks invovled in tropical agricultural development research. This is a practice. Also I hope to experience Tropentag as a reporter, which means to have the right to ask a lot of questions and access all behind-the-scene secrets. This is a practice, I expect from it some practice.

Student reporters 2016: My story...

Why am I here?
- My job here is simple; to create as many quality videos as possible showing what is going on at the Tropentag 2016. As a student of soil science and agriculture, I am always interested in getting to know what is "hot" topic right now apart from climate change.

Why video making?
- I used to shoot and edit films as a hobby in order to spread how vegans can "survive" in Japan, in a country where 99% of its population do not know what the term "Vegan" stands for.

Great expectations

What do I expect of the tropentag 2016? I hope to experience a journalist´s work, listen to inspiring contributions and meet interesting people! I am also keen on finding out more on the different perceptions of solidarity as the main theme of the conference.
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