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Tropentag 2018 Participant Infographic

Tropentag 2018 is the largest conference related to Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture. This year, Tropentag is held in Ghent, Belgium. There are almost 900 people registered coming from 70 countries all over the world. More than half of these participant are students; Bachelors, Masters, and PhD’s. 450 contributions to tropical and subtropical research consist of 111 oral presentations, 339 poster presentations, and 9 keynotes.

Tropentag 2018 Participant Infographic

Stand Up (for the champions!) - Part 1

Tropentag 2018 Day 1-057

And this year Hans Hartwig Ruthenberg Graduate Award goes to …. Beatrice Nöldeke, Bezawit Adugna Bahru and Lutz-Heiner. Beatrice from Leibniz University of Hanover conducted a research in Zambia on “Gender-Specific Aspects of Transforming Fish Value Chains in Zambia”. She found that better food security can be guaranteed by empowering females in fish value chains. The second recipient, Bezawit from University of Hohenheim researched “Climatic shocks and child undernutrition in Ethiopia: a longitudinal path analysis’’. She observed that program targeted at climate affected areas have a positive effect on the livelihood and nutrition of households especially the children.

A fit of giggles

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Gabriela is doing her MSc in Tropical Forestry in the University of Dresden, Germany. Apart from being a coffee lover and a curious traveler, one of her passions is the Eastern Plains of Colombia where she did conservation work with palm communities. Currently, she is planning to develop her thesis research about fire management in the Colombian savannas. She believes that being a Tropentag student reporter is an opportunity to communicate through simple and attractive channels on what’s happening in the scientific community. This year, Gabriela is going to be part of the blogging and photography team, which she hopes to use to dig deeper into the agroforestry field and uncover interesting discussions about land and biodiversity conservation.

Intro Video to Tropentag 2018 Student Reporters

The Tropentag 2018 Student Reporters team have an introductionary video to present themselves!

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Student Reporters 2018 Infographic

A big welcome from our multicultural student reporters from all around the world! The twelve Student Reporters are young and bright Master and PhD students from 9 different universities from all across Europe, and come from 10 different countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Moldova, Germany, USA, Canada, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. They will provide insight about what happened throughout the conference, reporting speeches, presentations, and the key highlights from the world’s largest conference related to Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture.

Student Reporters 2018 Infographic



It is bright and early (or just early, as it's not quite yet bright) on day one of Tropentag 2018. The student reporters have been in Ghent the past two days and are excited to cover many events in the next three days and have a little bit of fun on the side. 

As the conference unfolds, you'll see us in our white t-shirts (we'll be taking great care not to spill on them) running around like busy little bees. Please feel free to approach us if you'd like your poster, presentation or general self documented here within our blog or on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Medium.  

You can follow us at #Tropentag2018, and we wish you all great success and much fun over the coming days. 

The healthy cooking lover


Diana Santos is a nutritionist from Saposoa (San Martin, Peru) enrolled in the master of Nutrition and Rural Development program at Ghent University. She has worked in projects related to health promotion, food security, food sovereignty, agroecology and nutritional education in the Andean region of Peru. Encouraging farmer families and primary students in rural areas to improve their food intake and consequently the nutritional status of the communities.

Oga Patapata

Onu Ekpa hails from Nigeria. He is a PhD candidate in Food Quality and Design at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He is the current president of UCAS – United Community of African Student, Wageningen.

Onu believes that in contemporary society, aside from being a good scientist, it is imperative to be able to communicate effectively to a wider audience. Through effective communication, a scientist can build a positive image of science to the general public, especially to the likes of those still clutching at the straw of disbelieving or denying climate change and other scientific facts around us. Being a student reporter gives him the opportunity to improve his communication of research and interact with people from diverse background.

He is passionate about value addition to agricultural produce and creating opportunities for the youths. He hopes to cover the conference sessions on food technology, safety and security. You can follow him on Facebook, Linkedin and ResearchGate.

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