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Michael Hauser: “we are dealing with a systemic challenge”

“As soon as we have recognized that this is a systemic challenge (the gap between knowledge and action), we need systemic responses”

Patrick van Damme's guest speech and interview: The multiple faces of agroecology

“Agroecology is a science discipline; it is also an agricultural practice and is even a social movement, with believers and non-believers”.
Session: Plant & Soil (1a)

Miroslav Zámečník: “I just love nature, and at the same time I’m an economist.”

“When can nature pay for biodiversity conservation? Can local communities prosper by protecting wildlife?“ Miroslav Zámečník addressed these questions during the opening plenary session.
Keynote Speakers
Blog post by Pin Pravalprukskul and Juan José Egas. (Continue...)

Meet Pin, a Thai student reporter and researcher for Tropentag 2014

When it comes to being multidisciplinary and multitasking, one may find in Pin Pravalprukskul a good example. Pin is a MSc. in Sustainable Development in Agriculture (Agris Mundus) student who will be on both sides of the Tropentag 2014 conference. She will present a poster from her work in Kenya, where she investigated how farmers make decisions regarding soil management. But Pin will also be a student reporter for the conference, using her previous experience in the university newspaper in Copenhagen and an online magazine for her masters' programme. One will also find in Pin a passionate human being with diverse interests. Her desire regarding the conference is to find out the latest progresses in agricultural development, climate change adaptation, soil management and the relationship between gender and agricultural development. Pin opinionates that Tropentag is the first conference with a topic that addresses most of her interests, with an interdisciplinary approach that tries to understand how agricultural systems wok and how different fields are linked with each other.
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