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How soon do you want to die? It´s up to you!

In the session about NCDs (non-communicable diseases), diet-based problems were illustrated and discussed and the link to agricultural practices was analysed. Evidence was gathered and possibilities for future agricultural research were presented under the guidance of Mr. K. Srinath Reddy. Some outcomes of this session were that people get severe illnesses such as cancer and diabetes due to the food each person eats- so you are what you eat- namely fat and ill or slim and healthy.

We should eat more vegetables...

... as pointed out in the AVRDC and IWMI session on the last day of Tropentag 2013. Malnutrition and diseases are a “hidden hunger” in this world and to combat this problem an obvious solution is given: Eat more vegetables! OP4_Andreas_Wilhelm_Ebert Andreas W. Ebert talking about tomatoes

Who is taking pictures?

Dear Sir or Madam, when you are thinking who is hiding behind the huge Canon camera at the Tropentag 2013, then here are the face and information about your camerawoman. vivi Viviane Meyer has a Polish/German nationality and was born in Bersenbrück, Lower Saxony. She just finished her Bachelor degree in Environmental and Resource Management at the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus and will start in October to study Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production at University Hohenheim. Viviane did an internship at the environmental organization WALHI in Indonesia where she got to know the manifold problems regarding oil palm plantations. She is proud to be a Student Reporter and to capture memories of the Tropentag 2013 in expressive pictures.
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