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What the Scientific world itself eats

Within the unconventional setting of wild animals of the African Savannah and images of the foods of people all around the globe, the researchers and participants of the Science Forum were enjoying the conference dinner on Monday evening.

Questionable results from breakout session

The problem of how to align agricultural and food policies with nutritional and health targets had been examined from very distinct angles during the first 3 hours Policy and Institutional Approaches in nutrition-sensitive agriculture slot on Monday. It became clear, that the presented approaches themselves so far are not aligned, so that there seems to be huge potential for high quality research which helps to get an idea on how ‘multipolicy’ approaches can make an effective contribution to nutritional improvement. Day2-bs7 stuart_gillespie The following article is a collection of questions, as a source of inspiration if you wonder what to do after the conference or in your graduation thesis…

Humans, we have a problem

What Germans are supposed to know about the Science Forum: insights from the press conference with Joachim von Braun, head of the Centre for development research and Holger Baum, head of 'MediaCompany'.

NSA at Tropentag 2013

The oral presentation session “Food consumption, consumer preference and human health” hold rich reminders why agricultural research should not only focus on food production, but always need to keep an eye on the consumption side. Under the order of NSA, Hannah Jaenicke presented a holistic framework on how to narrow the gap between the already quantitatively sufficient supply of nutrients and a qualitatively balanced diet. Even though, this does not relate to the latest scandals from the US, her transatlantic observations for example included the fact even within one household some members are obese while others are undernourished.

Fish are dogs

PS5_9_Binian Samuel FitwiOnly 6 posters were presented in the session, and another hand full of people listened to them on early Thursday morning, so that Mr. Fitwi, moderator of the Poster presentation session “Aquaculture, fisheries and fish“, referred to them as the “underdogs” of the Tropentag 2013. However, the wide range of topics presented during the sessions shows that aquacultural research does not need to hide away from the big stages, but actually addresses very urgent topics such as depleting resources and women empowerment.

Pigs on the Highway?

Pigs won’t drive a car anytime soon, around 30 people learned, when listening to the presentations “Nutrition of monogastric animals”.

Intensive Lunch versus Intensive Livestock Systems

The oral presentations during the Wednesday morning session represented the huge variety of aspects under the umbrella of ‘Intensive Livestock systems and services’, but stood in keen competition with time constraints due to a pushed forward lunch break.

Tomato Harvest on 11th floor

Joe_NasrThe pictures of the Carrot City project in the exhibition area around room B3, take you on a journey to different urban gardening projects in different cities of North America and Europe from the ground up to the roof of several leveled houses.
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