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Soils are like a bank account

Rattan_Lal An Interview with Prof. Dr. Rattan Lal “You cannot continue taking money out from the bank without putting it back. So improvement of soil on the basis of what has been taken out from harvesting must be replaced in a scientific manner,” stressed Prof. Dr. Rattan Lal, a distinguished university professor in soil physics and tropical soils from Ohio State University. Either chemically or organically “Applying manure or using bio-soil is the best option, but sometimes it is not strategically a very good option because manure requires a bulk amount. We require 10 ton/hectare of manure, which is the equivalent to100 kg of chemical fertilizer. So sometimes it is a question of logistics” he added. “A judicious combination of both organic and inorganic fertilizers is required because many times the organic matter is not adequate – it is called integrated nutrient management.” Sub Saharan soils are marginalized “I think Africa is the continent where the green revolution has by-passed because the soils in Sub Saharan Africa are really marginalized. They are depleted, denuded and degraded. Soil erosion and nutrient depletion of soil organic matter content have been very serious problems in Sub Saharan Africa. For sustainability, soil quality must be improved,” he concluded.
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Should Bananas Be Weighed in the Future?

"Looks may be deceiving.” This is the reason why Ugandan bananas should be weighed, says Vinzenz B.M. Bauer. Another five presentors in today´s session on Marginal People II: Markets and Consumption also recommended viable options to improve the livelihood strategies of marginal people involved in market transactions: - Masai women in Tanzania can generate higher incomes if they bring their fresh milk to the milk collection centers, according to the calculations of Tim K. Loos; - Pastoralist groups in Marsabit County, Kenya can manage small-stock marketing projects if they have start up capital and trained on business management, says Michael Ngutu; - Exporting gherkins is still a competitive option for smallholder farmers in Karnataka, India, added Nithya Vishwanath Gowdru; - Guilia Secondini will assess the advantages and risks of small farmers participating in contract farming schemes of high value crops in Uttarakhand, a north Indian state; - Christin Schipmann suggested that access to banks and group formation are needed by smallholder farmers involved in the sale of sweet pepper and morning glory in Bangkok, Thailand´s retail and traditional markets.
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