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Catching the eye of development sectors: Nutrition dances in all the scenarios

Over the last decade, nutrition became a rising concern across the globe. Not only amongst scientific groups, but mainstream media began to amplify the attention on nutrition, such as the campaign #HungerZero. Nutrition has always been a critical topic, however it is now that people are realizing the essential role of nutrition in human development in all its dimensions, from the basis of health to the economic push-ups of nations.

Stineke Oenema (UN Standing Committee on Nutrition) speaking about the need for science-based coherent policies and actions 

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Diana Santos is a nutritionist from Saposoa (San Martin, Peru) enrolled in the master of Nutrition and Rural Development program at Ghent University. She has worked in projects related to health promotion, food security, food sovereignty, agroecology and nutritional education in the Andean region of Peru. Encouraging farmer families and primary students in rural areas to improve their food intake and consequently the nutritional status of the communities.

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