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Who is DAAD?


When visiting the conference, you cannot have missed the different stands, where various organisations have set up camp for these days. One of them is DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service. We had a quick interview this morning, to hear more about what they are doing and what services they offer! Continue...

Impressions of day 2

Thursday was a vibrant and full day, filled with exciting presentations and new insights. Later there was the conference dinner, and for the lucky few even a small dance party in the basement! Thursday’s quote: "To reach your aims- work together, not against each other" - Max (Boku, Vienna) re1

An interview with this unique participant, the only representative of Fiji!

poster sessions



Knowledge for Conservation

Do we know enough to effectively conserve tropical forests? DSC_0059-kabe-haisen-chaususan-takenomori That was the topic of my pre-conference workshop, where we debated to find an answer to this question. Do we really need more and more research on conservation to make a change and answer society’s questions, or we just after satisfying our own curiosity? Continue...
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